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Our Transport Offer

In order to ensure that The Climb Project is accessible to all, we have developed our own transport system to ensure that pupils are able to access the provision. The transport is fully funded by the Climb Project and there are no cost for parents / carers.

The Climb Project's transport offer is built around our "Bus Station" and "Bus Stop" locations, which are located in key areas across Durham County and allow pupils will be collected and dropped off safely.  

Bus Stations

The Climb Project operates pupil drop off / collection points in order to provide a safe, supportive location for pupils to board our transport vehicles - we call these locations Bus Stations. These Bus Stations also provide a pupil meet & greet service, parental support and breakfast provision. Our bus stations ensure that all of our pupils feel safe, calm and ready for learning before they board the vehicles to travel to either our specialist or mainstream sites.

Bus Station 1

Our first pupil drop off / collection point (Bus Station) is located at Harelaw near Stanley. 

This Bus Station opens from 7:45am where pupils are greeted and offered breakfast from 8am.

At this point parents are able to discuss any issues, changes or to have a general chat with dedicated Climb Project staff members.

The vehicles depart the Bus Station at 8:30am on route to either the Climb Projects specialist provision or to our mainstream educational site.

Pupils are returned to the bus station at the end of the school day - approx. 3:30pm.

Bus Stops

As well as our pupil drop off / collection point Bus Stations, we also provide a Bus Stop style collection service at key locations across Durham for pupils to board our vehicles from safe locations as our vehicles travel from our Bus Stations to our specialist or mainstream provisions. 


Door to Door Transport

The Climb Project is not funded to provide transport by Durham County Council and we fund all transport ourselves. Therefore, we do not normally provide a door to door pupil pick up / drop off service as the costs to provide this service are too great. 

If you feel that you children requires door to door transport in order to allow them to access an educational provision then we recommend you initially discuss this with you DCC SEND caseworker as they may be able to secure a school place within an Enhanced Mainstream Provision or may be able to support transport through other means.

Transport Questions - Telephone - 01429 820594
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