Outdoor Learning

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Outdoor Learning at the Climb Project

The climb-project is a specialist provider of Outdoor Learning and Outdoor Adventure Activities, which we use effectively to support our pupils to develop independence, the ability to manage their own safety and teamworking skills as well as making links to National Curriculum objectives in all subjects. Please see below for information in regards to the outdoor opportunities that we currently offer. If you would like further information then please contact our admin team - admin@climb-project.com

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Forest School

The Climb Project is a forest school provider and we utilise the principals and practices of forest school to support children with SEND to achieve learning outcomes using the forest environment as a classroom. We use forest school sessions to promote independence, managing of own risks and to develop pupil abilities to use things like tools.

The older pupils within the Climb Project also act as young forest school mentors to support children within EYFS during their weekly forest school sessions. 

Beach School

Our pupils within the project get the opportunity to take part in beach school activities, where they can continue to develop their social, communication & interaction skills as well as their ability to look after themselves. The children began their Beach School sessions as they travel by mini bus to Crimdon Dene beach. The first task that the children are given is that they have to safely establish a perimeter to work inside safely and erect the group shelter. The children spend time learning how to use tools safely. The children will venture down onto the beach where they make art creations in the sand, complete SEND outcome related tasks and explored the beach environment. 

Park Therapy

Children working on a Climb Project pathway often have the opportunity to attend sessions at local parks and other local facilities in order to develop SEND outcomes around playing and getting along with others. We use park therapy to develop and enhance social skills, peer interactions and provide opportunities for friendships to develop naturally. 

Outdoor Adventure

Here at the Climb Project, we believe that children should be given the opportunity to take part in a range of exciting and challenging opportunities. ​

It is with this in mind, that we have embedded a wide range of learning outside of the classroom opportunities into our curriculum. We believe that adventure and exploration is a critical part to any child's development. We want our children to be inquisitive, managing risks and fascinated to explore the unknown. 


The Climb Project has invested large amounts of our time and resources this year in order to offer children "One Day Adventures". Some of these adventures have been linked to outdoor education like canoeing and archery, whereas others have included more historical focus like visits to Beamish Museum, Chinese New Year at Newcastle and exploration days at the Hancock museum.

Our innovative curriculum is full of these "WOW" experiences that really capture and excite the imagination of our children.

These rich learning opportunities then allow the children to develop rich language experiences and give them fantastic ideas to include in their written work in school. 

Summer Camp - Destination The Lake District

Taking part in a school residential trip is something that we here at the Climb Project feel is an important part of growing up for any child. 

We strongly encourage all children to attend one of our residential trips and support parents to access these trips.

In the Summer Term, we give our Climb Project pupils the opportunity to go to the Lake District on a camping residential trip that can last from 1-5 days. The young people sleep in tents, cook their own meals and take part in a wide range of outdoor and adventurous activities. Some of the activities include rock climbing, canoeing and mountain biking.

Ski School - Destination France

We have recently returned from our Climb Project International Ski School week in Chamonix, France. The pupils had a fantastic week and made outstanding progress in their skiing. International trips are an annual opportunity given here at the Climb Project.

The Ski School week consisted of flying to France, taking part in skiing for a week and emerging ourselves within the French culture. It gave the pupils an opportunity to implement all of their improved resilience, teamworking and self-organisational skills they have developed and also allows the pupils to use their French language skills that they have been learning about in school.